WBBL overhaul as CA launches major women's strategy

WBBL overhaul as CA launches major women's strategy

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CricketLiveGame - WBBL overhaul as CA launches major women's strategy


In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize women's cricket, Cricket Australia (CA) has unveiled a bold 10-year plan aimed at accelerating the growth of the sport. At the forefront of this strategic initiative is a significant overhaul of the Women's Big Bash League (WBBL) and the introduction of a state-based T20 competition, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of women's cricket.

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Redefining the WBBL Experience

The upcoming Weber WBBL season will witness a transformative change as it transitions into a streamlined 40-game regular season, aligning it with the men's KFC BBL. This strategic decision not only enhances the competitiveness of the league but also ensures parity and attractiveness for international caliber stars. Despite the condensed schedule, clubs' salary caps remain unchanged, solidifying the WBBL's position as a lucrative destination for top talent.


View Australian Cricket's Women and Girls Action Plan here


Introducing a State-Based T20 Tournament

In tandem with the WBBL revamp, CA is launching a state-based T20 competition that will feature the six states alongside the ACT Meteors. This innovative addition aims to provide domestic cricketers with increased playing opportunities while maintaining the same level of women's cricket engagement. The tournament, running alongside the Women's National Cricket League, promises to elevate the standard of T20 cricket and foster talent development across the country.

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Empowering Female Cricketers

As part of the strategic vision, CA is committed to enhancing the welfare and remuneration of female cricketers. The introduction of additional match payments will see a significant rise in the average female domestic salary, ensuring equitable compensation for their contributions to the sport. Moreover, the focus on increasing female representation in cricket administration and community roles underscores CA's dedication to gender diversity and inclusion.


Driving Audience Engagement and Revenue Growth

The 10-year plan sets ambitious targets for increasing audience attendance and commercial revenue in women's cricket. By leveraging strategic partnerships and expanding media coverage, CA aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that attracts fans and sponsors alike. Initiatives such as a dedicated women's cricket merchandise line and comprehensive media rights deals will further amplify the sport's visibility and commercial viability.


Championing the Future of Women's Cricket

With the unveiling of the Women and Girls Action Plan, CA reaffirms its commitment to the long-term development and sustainability of women's cricket in Australia. By fostering grassroots participation, investing in infrastructure, and nurturing talent at all levels, CA lays the foundation for a thriving women's cricket ecosystem. Through collective efforts and unwavering support, the future of women's cricket shines brighter than ever before.


In conclusion, the unveiling of CA's Women and Girls Action Plan heralds a new era of growth and innovation in women's cricket. With strategic initiatives aimed at redefining the WBBL, empowering female cricketers, and driving audience engagement, CA paves the way for a future where women's cricket occupies center stage on the global sporting landscape.



What are the key objectives of CA's Women and Girls Action Plan?

  • CA's action plan aims to accelerate the growth of women's cricket through strategic investments in grassroots participation, infrastructure development, and commercial revenue generation.

How will the WBBL format change under the new plan?

  • The WBBL will undergo a transformation into a 40-game regular season, aligning it with the men's KFC BBL, while maintaining clubs' salary caps to attract international stars.

What is the significance of the state-based T20 competition?

  • The introduction of a state-based T20 tournament aims to provide domestic cricketers with more playing opportunities and elevate the standard of T20 cricket across Australia.

How will CA increase female representation in cricket administration?

  • CA's plan targets a minimum of 40% female representation across various cricket roles, including executive, board membership, and community cricket positions.

What are the projected targets for audience attendance and revenue growth?

  • CA aims to attract 600,000 fans to women's cricket matches each summer by 2034 and increase total revenue from the women's game to $121 million through strategic initiatives and partnerships.


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